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Design Your Life – week 1

on January 16, 2010

Well the class lessons have got to week 3 and I have just finished week 1 – does it show that I am back at work?  In reality the problem was getting the photos, they were uploaded and dispatched in record time but RM decided they were so good they would hang onto the for an extra week.  They finally arrived last Sunday.

I am loving the lessons and Cathy’s pages, I am also loving (for the most part) my finished pages.  What I am not loving is all the precise and unusual measurements.  The choosing the photos, resizing them and then cutting them to the right size takes way more time than making the pages.  I can see how it all makes sense though and I am sticking with it.  I am sort of looking forward to the end when I start to create my own pages using Cathy’s advice and teaching.  I am looking forward to scrapping for just me again and seeing my own style develop.

I took Ali Edward’s class to get to grips with my older photos and more into the telling stories that I have no photos for and although I never made it to the end of all the lessons I am planning on going back to them when time allows.  I have taken Cathy’s class because it sort of compliments Ali’s yet in some ways is the opposite.  Cathy’s seems to focus on the photos where Ali’s focused on the stories.  Time will tell for me but I have found a renewed interest and enjoyment of my hobby and for that alone, these classes were worth the money.

The first page used an enlarged photo which is something I haven’t scrapped with for ages, but I will use this size of pic again and again, I love everything about this page even though it is much simpler than I would normally make.

The second LO was a double page 8.5×11 spread and although I will probably use the bones of this again it is a bit too bare and stark for my tastes.  I didn’t want to add too much to it though as I am using these pages as a reference for the future. 

The 3rd page is to do with colour.  Each week Cathy provides a colour pallette and a sketch to make a page from.  Now I love colour and mixing different and sometimes unexpected colours is something I have always enjoyed.  My problem is I tend to stick to 2 colours but Cathy suggests 3 different colours and often a fourth just in case.  So far I am loving the colour schemes and these are definitely things I will use again and again.  I also love this page.

I managed to get my December Daily finished last weekend – go me!  Hopefully the light will be good enough to get is photographed and uploaded this weekend.  At the moment it’s raining so fingers crossed on that one.  At least it’s not snowing anymore!  Take care x x x


One response to “Design Your Life – week 1

  1. Morag says:

    These are just lovely Linda. The photos in particular in your first LO are just gorgeous.

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