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It’s thawing!

on January 13, 2010

The snow is finally starting to thaw, although it has been trying to snow more for the past 2 days.  Everywhere you look there are hills of snow that has been scraped off the roads and paths and piled up in unused areas.  Long may the thaw continue.  Don’t get me wrong I do like the snow but not when it is this deep and causes the problems it has.  I like it when it is pretty and you can make snowmen. 

I have been trying really hard to remain organised this week.  Being back at school doesn’t help as I feel I am fighting on 2 fronts at the moment.  I have lists everywhere and although I really just want to sit and scrap I haven’t been near my desk since Sunda as I am too busy doing other things.  There is supposed to be a network meeting on on Friday afternoon but as the details haven’t arrived yet I am half hoping it will be cancelled so I can get time for me, with my luck it’s not likely though.

I haven’t even managed my walk of the week yet as a trek round Asda doesn’t really count. Below are some pics from last weeks walk which was near where my oldest son lives and in the area not too far from my house, mainly because walking was the only way of negotiating the route.  I am hoping to get a bit further afield this weekend, wish me luck!

Snow Cones

I can see blue skies

Winter Trees


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