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One Little Word

on January 7, 2010

I have long been a fan of Ali Edward’s One Little Word.  Last year I chose ‘Balance’ as my word and I think I did achieve a better balance in my life than previously.  This year I have chosen ‘Change’.  I have changes coming in the year ahead that I have to accept, whether I like them or not.  I also have changes I want to make in my life, some that I want to make and others I simply have to make.  I am not good at change, it makes me uncomfortable.  I like the familiar, the safe, the known, so the year ahead will have it’s difficulties, mainly sticking with the changes that I make and that have to happen and not slipping back into my old, familiar routines purely out of habit. 

One of my main changes I need to make is to be better organised.  I am a terrible procrastinator.  I can avoid doing things for years if the opportunity allows.  I dislike clutter but somehow I manage to remain oblivious to it here at home, until it becomes so bad it’s impossible to ignore.  There is a kind of support thread over on UKS for people who wanted to be better organised and I posted a rather tongue in cheek reply which has it’s roots firmly in the truth.  See here :-    I moved from a large, very cluttered house to a small, fairly empty house almost 4 years ago.  As my grown up children still lived in the larger house it was easy to bring only what I needed here.  But then I began buying stash, I was new to scrapbooking then, and the house slowly began to fill up.  Then my children moved to homes of their own and I had to empty the big house and sell it – but I had little space for all the accumulated stuff!  Never fear, I had a rented garage that had been used to store furniture for my children that was now almost empty – so I filled it.

 Then my OH decided that he could make better use of the storage garage as he is self employed, so I emptied it again and much of it came here.  Suddenly negotiating your way round the house needed a map and a compass – even though it was still a very small house.  So I felt the urge to declutter.

 Unfortunately that urge did not have time to pass and the decluttering began in earnest.  Remind me to have strong words with earnest when I see him again!  18 months later – the compass is no longer needed and sometimes, in a good light, you can see the floor for the clutter.  The down side was that as fast as I threw it out OH would find some ‘treasure’ that had to be saved, but as it was his treasure it didn’t count as clutter   At the same time the stash pile grew, almost as quickly as my bank balance shrunk, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Now I have to bite the bullet and carry on the good fight, mainly because I never did learn how to read a compass properly, which might be why I found loo roll in the fridge last week. Never thought of that.

Anyway, the positive side is that I will be joining you ladies on your hunt for a clutter free home (if you’ll have me?), maybe we could arrange a house swap?  I am sure that would be less traumatic than what we are about to do. 

I have spent almost 2 years sorting and decluttering this house, but I still have a way to go yet.  The scary thing is, it’s just a little house and I have managed to almost fill it up, all on my own.  Poor Gordon doesn’t have a lot of room exclusively for his clutter, though he is a hoarder like me.  The situation has to change.  I do not want to be one of these people that they find dead behind 50 years worth of rubbish they were too disorganised to throw away!

I am still on holiday till Monday, though there seems to have been something that needs me to spend ages clearing my car and digging it out of the snow every day so far this week.  Mainly collecting shopping for people who cannot get out due to the weather because they can’t get themselves or their buggies through the snow.  We finally saw a jcb trying to clear our street yesterday but he has almost made it worse as their are mountians of snow at the side of the road which we have to drive over to park!  Our street is on a hill and is long and narrow with parking bays off each side, as fast as you dig your car out and drive away someone esle parks where you had been.  I must have dug the whole car park clear by now.

One of the good things about the snow is that it makes ordinary things look pretty.  I took a few pics of the area near where my oldest son lives and although they need tweaked a little (these are SOOC) I am happy enough with them, especially considering I was knee deep in snow to get them.

For now I am going to make a start on some of the pages and ideas that are whirling round my head.  Today is going to be a me day – for a change.


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