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Challenges ahead

on January 3, 2010

I can hardly believe we are now 10 years into the new Millenium.  The past 10 years have sped by!  I remember the whole stress of the possible computer disaster that the new Millenium was said to herald and that, thankfully turned out to be nothing worth worrying about.  It’s nice when things turn out to be better than you thought they would, pity it doesn’t happen very often.

Scrapdolly (aka Karen) has launched a new challenge for the year ahead which I am going to join in with as often as I can.  For anyone else who is interested the details can be found here.  It looks like fun and best of all it is free.  Thanks Karen.

The other challenge I am taking part in this year is 52 Walks with my Camera started by Pam.  I decided to take part partly because I like taking photos but also because I need a kick up the bum to improve my fitness so this would help on both counts.  Today I had to go out to take my daughter somewhere so having dug my car out of another 4 inches of snow that fell yesterday I thought I would take pics while I was out.  Parking is still a nightmare, as are the roads so I ended up walking a lot further than I had initially planned, sometimes through foot deep snow!

I did get some pretty pictures though but the light was very poor.  I am kind of thinking of basing my whole project on photos of the river but I will see, I may get fed up and change, but that’s allowed.

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