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Happy New Year

on January 2, 2010

Having played about with this blog for some time now, but not really taking it seriously I have decided to bite the bullet and try and keep it up to date.  There are so many things I want to keep a record of and this seems like the best place to do it.

I haven’t yet finished my December Daily but I have completed it up till the 17th December.  I am hoping to get it finished before I go back to school.  I have loved doing it but I want to move on now, daily pages are too much for me! 

I spent most of yesterday sorting out a photo order so up till the end of 2009 photos are printed, or will be shortly.  I print quite a few of my pics, but nowhere near all of the ones I take – I would be seriously bankrupt if I did.

Cathy Zeilske’s DYL class started on Thursday and I have done one page, digitally, so far.  Once my photos come back I will do more but the class uses lots of pics in different sizes so it will be very strange.  I have already started looking at my pages differently though.  I haven’t finished Ali’s class yet, but I think I will do a lot of Cathy’s class in digi so I should have time to go back and finish Ali’s.  It will be interesting to see how these 2 classes influence my scrapping style.  I am taking them because they both fulfill goals I have set myself.  With Ali’s class it was to go back and tell the older stories, many of which I don’t have photos for.  With Cathy’s class it is to get my focus back onto the stories, rather than making pretty pages.  I hope the end result is more stories captured and more pages made.  I think sometimes it is the extra things you learn as part of the class that make it really worthwhile though.

Here is my first attempt at Cathy’s class – Logan on his birthday playing happily with his new Happy Land toys.

I used a kit called Crazy Life from Ninie Designs. 

I now have almost all of my photos back onto our server.  It was a drastic step to delete them all the way I did but I just couldn’t see an end point in terms of organising them properly otherwise.  Gordon has been a huge help and another few days of tweeking and sorting should see them all in date order folders.  After that it’s simply a case of adding key words/tags and I am all set.  I say that like it’s a small job but I know it will take me a lot of time but it will be so worth it in the end.

For now I am away to make some mess with paper.  It has snowed every day except 2 since the 17th december here.  More than we have had for many years.  Yesterday I measured the snow on our garden rubbish bin and it was over 10 inches deep and it has snowed again twice since then.  Having spent more than a week digging and pushing cars and vans in and out of the snow I am staying home warm and dry for the next few days, while I can.  Take care x x x


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