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I knew it!

on December 8, 2009

I just knew that as soon as I was back at work my December Daily book would fall behind.  It’s my own fault, I am playing catch up with things I was supposed to do while I was off but not well enough and now I am suffering.  It’s nothing major, just some costumes I said I would make for school.  In all honesty I should have refused because I knew things were going to be hectic but I hate to let the kids down, and that’s what saying no would have felt like.  It’s not Nativity costumes, but acrobat tutus and clown trousers.  It’s a long story but one of the classes did a topic on the Circus and thay are going to put on a performance, just as soon as I get the costumes finished, Yikes!  The tutus are done and the trousers will be done tomorrow but I haven’t made a page for my book since Sunday!  I know I will soon catch up but life is going into overdrive all around me at the moment, so that doesn’t help.

I will share pages 4 and 5 with you today and hopefully I will get a chance to catch up a bit tomorrow and then again at the weekend.  Next week is looking a bit calmer so finger’s crossed this will be a temporary blip.

Page 4 is a digi page printed onto canvas.  I wanted to try the printable canvas but didn’t want to buy it and feel it was wasted so I thought the DD was an ideal opportunity.  I really like how it’s turned out and I will be using more of this.  The frames and ticket are by Katie Pertiet.

Page 5 ended up being quite photo heavy so I trimmed the edge of the original vellum page and added a digital page underneath.  I added some angel scraps I had bought a long time ago but never knew what to do with and there you have it.

Hopefully I will get through all the things I have to do quickly and get to some of the things I want to do before I am too tired.  If I don’t, I can at least catch up in the holidays, all being well.


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