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The best-laid schemes ….

on December 3, 2009

 ……. o’ mice an ‘men gang aft agley – wrote Robert Burns and never a truer word was written.  Right after posting that I was going to be a regular blogger it all went to pot.  I have been off work for almost 2 weeks now with flu and bad chest infection and I am only now starting to feel human again, though still very tired.  Gordon has had a milder form of it this week but thankfully he is starting to feel better now too.  For now, it’s onwards and forwards – at least in terms of creativity, if not in energy levels. 

With some gentle encouragement from a super group of scrappers on UKS I have decided to have a go at a December Daily book as inspired byAli Edwards.  I made the pages last month, before the lurgy hit too badly, but left them plain and unadorned because I wasn’t sure how I would go and what I would like to do.  So far, so good and I am loving it.  I know it will be something that I and my family look back on and it also takes the pressure off to scrap very similar photos every year – from now on many of them will be included in this type of album and will be much more accesible.    I have managed to get my first 3 days pages completed and photographed, something else I have been very lax about recently. 

Day 1 is about Advent and advent calendars and explains why my children only ever had traditional paper ones, rather than my grandchildren’s choice of chocolate ones.  Day 2 is about the mountain of Christmas cards I have to write, mainly for school, and my inability to make cards that I am happy with.  Day 3 is about lists and is a letter to myself about making the lists I am going to need to be able to get to Christmas with any aspects of my sanity still in place.  I have no clear plan of what the rest of the days will be about, except for the obvious ones such as birthdays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day etc.  I am simply planning on taking it as it comes and enjoying myself in the process.  Hopefully this will get me back into the swing of blogging more often as it is something I have missed, but most importantly, it helps me remember things now that old age is taking its toll on my memory 🙂


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