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Why do I do this?

on September 12, 2009

Sign up for online classes that is.  I am currently signed in for Karen G’s Telling Stories Deeply, Cathy Z’s Me the Abridged Version and Tania Willis’ Scrapping with Fabric.

So far I am just about keeping up with Karen’s class and I have to say I am loving it.  It goes into journalling and writing a wee bit more than I am comfortable with but I am persevering and I can already see a difference in the way I write.  I took this class because at the end of the day my family will look at my pages and focus on the photos and the stories and nothing much else.  In fact if they even notice there is anything else, it will be a good day 🙂  I haven’t done this week’s lesson as yet, but I will get to it and I kow there are things I will take from this class and use again and again.

With Cathy’s class I am working away – I have all my words and I have half of my journalling entries written.  I want to finish all my journalling before I start gathering photos to be printed so I can make all the pages one after the other.  This way I can also make sure I use the best photo for each entry as some entries could use similar photos.  I could print the photos myself but I won’t.  I need to do a photo order soon anyway, so I will just wait and bundle them all together.  I am really enjoying this class and I have no doubts that this will be an album that I add to and extend, over time.  I am enjoying writing my entries and I think my kids will enjoy reading this one, when it’s finished.

Tania’s class I haven’t even started.  I haven’t even printed off the handout for it.  I had actually totally forgotten that I had signed up for it!  This one I will probably keep for later, when I have the time to focus on it properly.  I don’t need to buy any supplies, I simply need to use what I have.  I just need to find the time.

This past week has been awful as I have had yet more health problems resulting in a 3am visit to the all night doctors to get some pain relief.  Today I am stiff and sore all over, as a result of having struggled to work every day except Thursday, I think.  Everything has been a struggle this week but hopefully next week will be a bit easier, both work wise and health wise.  For now, I am off to play with paper and photos and not feel guilty about all the things I am not doing.  Farewell.


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