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on September 7, 2009

It’s funny but in the time since I stopped blogging I have missed it, so here I am.  I stopped partly because I felt I was under pressure to post regularly and have scrapped pages to blog about, when often life was pretty boring and I hadn’t actually scrapped.  I did miss writing my thoughts down though and a few things have happened since I last blogged that I wanted to record somewhere, so here I am again. 

I think that this time I will keep my blogging efforts to myself initially and see how I go.  I sort of chose Wordpres because that’s what I am using for the school blog and it makes sense to use the same format for both, especially as my rather aged brain has difficulties remembering how to do things sometimes.

At the moment I am trying to juggle 3 online classes – which was exceptionally bad planning on my part and life in general.  This is not helped by having sciatica which is causing some difficulties sitting down, standing and most things in between – at least until the pain killers start working!  Life’s a bitch sometimes.  Luckily I can still work, though I am possibly a bit crabbier than usual, not sure the kids have noticed though 🙂  Hopefully this will pass shortly.


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