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PC Problems

on November 16, 2008

I love technology – I would be completely lost without my computer, though I could probably manage fine without a mobile šŸ™‚ Technology lets you do so much more than you could otherwise and it opens a whole new world, when it works!

Sadly the past few weeks have been a bit of a technological nightmare. My poorly PC got a bug and nothing I could do would fix it. Gordon was an IT fixer in a previous life but he couldn’t sort it either. Eventually I spent money I didn’t have on an all bells and whistles ‘I will keep your machine clean’ piece of software which did fix the problem. The trouble was it caused loads of other problems as well, hence my lack of updates.

All sorts of bits of programs had gone missing (though I do suspect Gordon was partly to blame for that) and not much worked properly, including my beloved photoshop. Many, many weary hours later I think I have finally got things back to how they should be. I did manage to scrap one whole page during this time, but I forgot to photograph it. I think my brain has a similar bug to the one my PC caught, lol.

School has been busy but so much better. We finally have a boss that allows us to use our intiative and has a considerable amount of common sense, something that is often lacking in education. So far, so good and long may it last.

I had planned to scrap today as well but I had signed up for a free class by Jessica Sprague called Stories in Hand. The prompts started last Monday but I only got round to looking at them today so I have spent the whole afternoon putting a wee book together and I am loving the whole concept. One of the best things I have signed up for.

I am now off to find a notebook to start recording some of my stories and hopefully I will get some scrapping done too! Take care x x x


2 responses to “PC Problems

  1. Angela says:

    Roll on May!!!!See you Saturday xx

  2. Pam says:

    Oh linda-now I feel guilty about my hoarding-I too must have a tidy out-and I too waste too much time on my pc!!

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