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Happy Halloween

on October 31, 2008

I am slightly reassured to find that it is still October, even if only just. One of my neighbours was spotted putting up a Christmas Tree and decorations in her kitchen window earlier this week. It sits very nicely beside a scarecrow and is decorated with what appears to be ghosts, and I thought things were confusing in my world!

The Halloween party was a great success, although playing party games with a dozen and more children under 6 is pretty exhausting, especially when their anxious parents are watching from the sidelines! Still it was good fun and I will be more prepared next year, though the apple dooking was a great success!

It was geat to see some of our guests much more relaxed and not so scared as previously and watching Katy trying to put Logan’s make up on him, despite his best efforts to stop her, was hilarious. She was delighted by the fact that not only did she get to wear grandma’s lipstick, (which she told me cost £60!) but nail polish as well.

Tuesday saw an announcement in school that left us reeling a bit, both in a good way and a bad way. It appears that out Head Teacher is leaving, along with the principal teacher, effective as of today. The HT is on a secondment to the Council offices and the PT is to be acting head at a nearby infant school while the Head of that school becomes acting Head of ours. I did say things were confusing! As we have yet to meet the lady who is to be our boss, I have no idea how things will be. I am simply holding onto the hope that they will be no worse and hoping that they will be better.

I haven’t scrapped this week as yet, but that’s mainly because my desk is buried inder a mountain of ribbon. I decided to treat myself to some new storage after my big sort/clear session last week and I absolutely love my new tote.
It holds so much more and what’s even better I will be able to see over the top of it at crops. I also treated myself to a ribbon storage thingy from Heather’s new shop. I am sure that once it’s fully loaded it will be great but I am shocked at how much ribbon I have. This was not helped by the fact that it was stored in three different places. My goal is to have all the things I have to do this weekend finished by the end of tomorrow so I can have time on Sunday to scrap. So far things are going to plan, I just hope I can sustain it. My biggest enemy is my PC, it seems to eat time so as a result I am going to sign off and bid you goodnight. Take care x x x

One response to “Happy Halloween

  1. Angela says:

    good luck with the changes at school!Catch up soon

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