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Compulsive hoarding = complete chaos!

on October 25, 2008

I will start with a confession. My name is Linda and I am a compulsive hoarder. There really should be break free programmes for folk like me, a bit like AA but for hoarders. The worst thing is my kids are just the same and, until fairly recently, so was Gordon.

I have always crafted in some way or another. Knitting, cross stitch, crochet, dressmaking etc. and I have a stash mountain for each one. The wool crafts are the worst because not only did I gather my own hoard but I inherited my mother’s too!

As time has passed I have crammed things into little spaces and heaped piles on top of piles until the house was full to bursting, until recently that is. First I was looking for some earrings, having not worn any for several years. I knew I had them but just couldn’t find them. Then it was wool. I had a pattern in mind for Logan and thought I had the right wool but I didn’t. Then it a search for some phonics work that I knew I had – somewhere, but couldn’t find. I could see a pattern forming and I didn’t like it much. I had a rough notion that I would sort things out this week while I was on holiday but I figured that a day would do it.

I was supposed to be going to the caravan for a few days but between a mix up with the dates I was to go and taking ill on Friday, which left me exhausted all weekend, I didn’t get at all. Added to this Gordon decided to reorganise the house as his work was quite quiet. Unfortunately my clearing out took 4 days and it’s still not quite finished! In between getting cramp in my hand from tearing up paper (I broke the shredder when I overloaded it!) and hurting my back from moving piles of books, magazines and boxes, I finally got some time to relax about lunchtime Friday. I am almost glad to be going back to school, it will be less stressful, well for the first five minutes anyway :-).

I am trying really hard to break my hoarding habits and have offloaded bags of odd balls of wool, boxes of magazines and piles of patterns through Freecycle. I have also managed to lose my mobile in the bin – I got Gordon to phone it while I dug for it in my dressing gown outside the front door. Luckily it was the paper bin (or it would still be there!) and it kept the neighbours entertained. The down side was that on trying to move the paper bin we discovered it was a bit too heavy and had to remove half of the paper before we could move the bin! Two trips to the local tip later, we are almost rubbish free.

I do like admiring the spaces I can see and the way things don’t fall on me as I squeeze past. I found the earrings and bought the wool for Logan’s jumper. The phonics stuff I didn’t find but I think it may be in school. I even managed to scrap the pics that have been on my desk for almost 3 weeks now. I did a double page using Daisy Bucket papers. The paper with the circles just screamed ‘cut me out’ and I echoed the same shape with two of the other papers and used brads to define the edges and give the page a bit of a lift.

I then decided to have a go at a 8.5×11 page. I had tried this size before but just couldn’t get it to balance for me. At first it seemed way too small but I quite like the way it turned out and I will certainly be scrapping this size again. In the spirit of my clearing out I used Doodlebug letters for the title and some plastic buterflies I had bought many years ago to use with Beth. I added some beads on wire to lift them a bit and I am quite pleased with the finished look. Hopefully it won’t be another 3 weeks before I get to scrap again, not now my desk is so tidy!

Tomorrow is the annual Halloween party so I will be taking plenty of photos, once I have helped make all the food and made and organised the games and …. Phew, I feel tired just thinking about it! I am away for some well deserved sleep. Take care x x x


5 responses to “Compulsive hoarding = complete chaos!

  1. Angela says:

    Hope you enjoyed the halloween party and those layouts are fab!!

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