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Just pottering about

on September 23, 2008

I had a fab weekend doing not a lot and enjoying it! Apart from two quick digi pages I didn’t even scrap, mainly because it took me from Saturday till Thursday to unpack after the crop and the stuff I unpacked is still sitting on my desk waiting to be put away!

I did get loads of tidying and sorting done though in other parts of the house, and it was badly needed. I also had a work related course to go on unfortunately, although it was worthwhile, which often they aren’t. Work wise things are back to how they were which is adding to everyone’s stress at the moment, but we are hanging in there.

The sunshine helps, I had groups of kids doing active maths outside today which was great fun, so long may the dry weather last. In fact it was so nice at the weekend we all went for a walk near the river to collect leaves with the cherubs. We managed to keep Logan and the water apart, although it was touch and go at times. Katy and Beth had a ball finding leaves and blackberries and we all arrived home several hours later and mostly dirtier, but tired and happy.

The page with Katy and Beth at the gala day was made with a scrumptious kit from New Life Dreams called 5 Steps to Heaven. I also used some bits from the same kit for ‘Grandma’s glasses’ which just shows how versatile it is. I am really looking forward to scrapping this weekend coming but it’s looking like being a busy one so it may well be digi again. If I don’t get the papers on my desk put away soon they will have faded in the sun, lol. Hopefully tomorrow, maybe! Take care x x x


3 responses to “Just pottering about

  1. Angela says:

    Wow love those layouts!!I hope the weather stays nice too!

  2. Jazzy1972 says:

    Those Digi lo are fab, I wish I had the first clue about digi scrapping. Jay xx

  3. kathj says:

    love these lo’s the black one is fab!

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