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Where did the time go????

on September 17, 2008

How has more than a week passed since I last showed face here? The days seem to be going past at a rate of knots and I cannot seem to get to the end of anything!

I suppose that’s not strictly true – Michelle has now moved into her house and all is well and I have managed to scrap, which is great. Thursday was a mammoth trip to Ikea and the problem of just how much you can fit into a small van. Friday was the moving day. Michelle was lucky enough to be given a fab fridge/freezer, the only problem was it was too big to go in the door! Gordon and I had to take the doors off it to get it in the house, no mean feat, I have to say.
Saturday was a crop at Angela’s, where I managed 4 pages before exhaustion go the better of me and I had to come home. It was great to see everyone again and have a good blether. If I hadn’t spent so long chatting I could have completed even more but it wouldn’t have been as much fun. This page I did at Stewarton and it was completely inspired by the fantstic wild flowers from Riff Raff. I know Angela had some left on Saturday if you want them.

On Saturday I scrapped pics of Logan and his fascination with glasses, especially mine! He has my school glasses so badly bent out of shape that they fall off if I bend forwards. What’s worse is hearing Katy saying ‘Mummy I need my glasses, I can’t see!’ when she is playing. What a pair.

I seem to be making much simpler paper pages recently and really enjoying doing so, though my digi pages are the opposite for some reason. I have bought a few digi bits recently which I am desperate to use but have not had time. One kit I bought to make stickers and bits for some of our challenging P1’s hoping that they will motivate them a bit. This weekend is catch up time both with school stuff and here at home. Michelle’s house is all clean and neat and mine looks like the aftermath of an explosion, not quite the right way round. Hopefully I will manage to squeeze some scrapping time in too. Take care x x x


One response to “Where did the time go????

  1. I promise next time to sit at the other end of the room and then you might get some work done… lol.. was fantastic to see you.. hope you are wellmahoosive hugsHeatherxx

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