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Scrapping up a storm!

on September 9, 2008

Yeah, at last I have managed to get some scrapping done! A huge thanks to Angela, who invited me to a crop in Stewarton with her on Sunday. I managed a cj, one whole page and 2 half pages, one I had started earlier and one I have still to finish. Secretly I think she asked me so she had help loading her car, but I don’t mind.

Ufortunately I haven’t managed to be in the house when there is enough light to take a decent photo of them but I can share this fun digi page I made. It shows Logan in Katy’s dressing up clothes, put on by his rotten mummy. He was less than impressed!

Today I was lucky enough to visit another school in our local authority area and all I can say is —- WOW!!! It was so spacious and light and airy and everything our poor, old building isn’t. I came out with loads of great ideas and a strong sense of depression at going back to our 110+ year old building and my cupboard, sorry – room, with it’s ensuite gents toilet!

Still Saturday is Angela’s crop and Monday is a holiday so there are some perks, the downside is I need to work later this week to make up for the time I won’t have on Monday, but I can cope with that. Take care x x x


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