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Laminating Queen

on September 6, 2008

That’s what I am at the moment. Everyone is still catching up with the needs of the new classes they have and are screaming out for resources, most of which need to be laminated to make them durable.

The school laminator has been so busy that I have been bringing my stuff home and laminating it in front of the tv. It got so bad I even used it on a layout! I had seen a post on UKS about empty laminating sheets making good quality acetate so I had a go and it worked well. I then decided to take it to the next stage and laminate some bits as embellies. Through trial and error I discovered that sequins work well as long as they are close together, but not overlapping. Ultra fine glitter also works but anything bumpier tends to be dragged throught the laminator, leaving a mess. I then dragged out my old sizzix machine and cut some flowers to add to this page. I know it’s not the best one I have ever done but I loved the pics and just wanted to echo the fun that the girls had.
I then managed to start another, totally different page, but it is still lying on my (very messy) desk unfinished so I did a digi page instead! I had taken advantage of a cracking sale on at the Lilypad last weekend and promptly used what I had bought, well most of it anyway! I also rediscovered these doodled beasties from Weeds & Wildflowers, which were just the perfect addition to the page.

Today the plan is to get my desk cleared, my page finished and some page kits made up. Tomorrow I am off to a crop in Stewarton with Angela and her shop (yippeee!!!) and she tells me she has some new yummy stuff which isn’t on the site yet! Nothing like new stash to get your mojo going. Hopefully the updates here will become more regular from now on. Take care x x x

One response to “Laminating Queen

  1. Angela says:

    Wow those pages are fab!!!!Thanks for coming along on Sunday and will see you again on Saturday!xx

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