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Decorating Diva

on August 7, 2008

I used to love decorating but I must be getting old because it has lost it’s appeal somewhat. I spent Sunday helping my oldest wallpaper his kitchen, he put up the only piece that went from floor to ceiling without going round anything and I got the rest to do. Here at home we have been papering and painting the room that had the leak, now it’s all dried out. It isn’t a big room but it seems to be taking way more time and energy than I want to give it, lol. Thankfully it should be finished tomorrow.

I have even found time to scrap but my wee pile pf papers is still sitting on my desk, under dozens of photos, so it has all been digi pages. I keep promising myself I will scrap with paper tomorrow but the days are just disappearing before I get time to start!

Having arranged to go swimming with my grandchildren tomorrow and go into school to sort my room next week, along with all the other things I haven’t yet got around to doing this holiday, I better get my finger out, and soon!

I have promised myself that I have to use any digi stuff I buy within a week of buying it so these pages are the result. I have bought a few other bits and bobs recently so there should be more to come. I am never sure about crediting people on here because it must be kind of boring to read a long list of – I used …… but if anyone wants details just leave a comment and I will get back to you asap. If anyone has a good way to add the details outwith the main posts please let me know. For now, it’s back to cleaning paint brushes, another delightful task! Take care x x x


2 responses to “Decorating Diva

  1. Angela says:

    Amazing layouts!!!And decorating – yuck!

  2. Pam says:

    I LOVE that Nemo LO-just stunning

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