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Wings of time

on August 2, 2008

I cannot believe how fast the days are passing just now. I make a plan to do something, then get sidetracked, then plan to do it tomorrow, then get sidetracked, then …… another week has passed and I still haven’t done what I planned! Eeeek!

Having started off the holidays in a manic blur I have ground to a halt and still have masses to do which I just know won’t get done before next summer comes! I am just so enjoying scrapping, playing with photos, reading, knitting and all the other things that are simply not what I should be doing, lol. In fairness my craft stuff is more organised than it’s ever been and I have even managed to scrap and put things away again, well almost. I have a tiny wee pile of papers waiting to put away but I will be good and do it properly, and soon.

I scrapped a very simple page showcasing my love of spring flowers. I am quite enjoying the distressed effect of raggy edges at the moment and inking, as always. The black and white paper in this is straight in real life, it’s just the angle I took the pic at that has distorted it.

I also managed a fun page for this weeks UKS challenge. I even handcut the paper, which is kind of where this page started from. We seem to spend so much time as a family in one park or another and the kids always have a ball even when, like this one, there isn’t much to play on. Even Logan had a go at climbing from one side of this to another!

Finally a digi page that has been swirling around in my head for a few days. I haven’t done as much digi recently but I need to sort out the pics on my computer so the ones I want to scrap are handy. Maybe that’s a job for next week? The highlight of a recent trip to Deep Sea World for Katy, was finding Nemo. She waited so patiently for the clown fish to come out of the coral they were hiding in, trouble was the lighting was awful and everyone looked green. Next time we go I will be stealing my son’s compact camera, as it will probably cope better. For now I am away back to my job list, but I may get stuck at the last one on it – ‘Procrastinate till bedtime’. Take care x x x


2 responses to “Wings of time

  1. kathj says:

    love the lo’s the destressed edges are great!

  2. Angela says:

    Amazing!!!!only 2 weeks left!

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