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Disorganised Chaos!

on July 29, 2008

OMG – What have I done?????

The other day I came across a bag of papers that I had bought, probably some time in June. They were gorgeous, they were unopened and I had no idea I even owned them! Sound familiar? I was delighted because they were an unexpected treat but horrified at the same time that I had no idea they were there. As a result I decided I needed to reorganise my stash, at least the paper and cardstock.

When I first started scrapping, about 3 years ago now, I subscribed to a kit. It was fab and came every month with 4 page kits of fab paper, card and embellies. Some of it was to my taste, other bits weren’t but overall it gave me what I needed, which was a ready supply of stash, without me having to try and match bits up on the net. As I was working full time at that point the drawback was that I often never got to use all that I bought and eventually I cancelled. I ended up with a whole range of page kits which I spent a lot of time splitting and sorting in with my other stash. I ended up with a hodge podge of papers and card sorted by colour, a selection of page kits that I hadn’t split and a collection of paper packs. I have now managed to sort all my card and paper by colour, as that is how I work best but all the other bits such as letter sheets, embellies, photos I had added to scrap etc, etc is now piled up on my desk! It will take at least another day to sort all of that out.

The worst bit is I have discovered so many gorgeous papers that I had forgotten I even had I am desperate to scrap but until I manage to clear some space I can’t. Very frustrating. One good thing is though, I have not found that many papers of the ‘what possessed me to buy that?’ variety, and those I have are carefully parcelled up for my grandaughters who will absolutely love them.

Before I began this madness, which has taken me 2 days so far, I did manage to make one page. I had bought some lovely pink butterfly ribbon while I was away in Southend and managed to make this cute page with it. I even used my yellow Thickers for the title, which were also part of a long distant kit and which I thought I would never use. I mixed paint and glitter glaze for the background and then layered lace card and a Hambly overlay with a wee bit paper all secured by brads and snaps. It just goes to show that nothing is ever wasted with this crafting lark. Take care x x x

One response to “Disorganised Chaos!

  1. Angela says:

    Gorgeous layout, and maybe when you have finished sorting your room you can come help with mine, lol!!!!

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