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Reprieved and relieved!

on July 25, 2008

Tuesday was a strange day. After a very restless night I set off. Parking wasn’t easy as it is quite a tourist town and there is very little free parking, and the court does not reimburse you for parking charges or fines the literature clearly stated. After a while there was a collection of about twenty people in a very small corridor and in varying degrees of nervousness. We were led into the court to wait and the people kept coming. We waited and the people kept coming. In the end there was almost fifty of us. Court officials came and went but no one spoke to us, so we sat. One man came in and someone dared to ask him a question to which he replied ‘I have very important business to attend to’ and left, so we waited. Finally a very nice man appeared and introduced himself as the clerk of the court. He told us the format was – a jury was picked and remained for two weeks sitting through a variety of trials and at the end of the two weeks they were free to go. He apologised for the delay we had experienced but said there had been complications. In the end the trial we had been called for was cancelled and as there were no more trials that requred a jury planned for this week we could go. What a relief. Only one morning taken up as opposed to 2 weeks.

Since then I have been sorting and tidying and tossing out junk, all the things I tend to save till the summer holidays because I hate doing them. I still have a fair amount of sorting to do and as the second part of the holidays always flys past, I better get myself moving!

I have managed to find time to scrap though. I made this quick page for the weekly challenge on UKS. It shows Logan after his first haircut and what a difference it made. He looked a lot older, but just as cheeky, lol.

This second page took ages and a lot of trial and error. I used a Prima 12×12 transparency and painted it with alcohol inks. Some colours worked better than others and some had to be redone a few times. Luckily the inks are fairly forgiving. I added a few small flowers, also Prima, just to lift it and a few brads to highlight the sort of quilted effect. I would certainly do another one but I will also use my inks to colour stamped acetates now as well, seeing as they work so well. One tip, if you would like to try this yourself is, make sure each colour is dry before you work along side it otherwise the inks run into each other. I used an old ice cube tray for the inks, because they stain badly, but you only need a few drops of each colour.

Thanks for visiting. Take care x x x

3 responses to “Reprieved and relieved!

  1. kathj says:

    Love these layouts!

  2. Sara-Jane says:

    love the effect from the acolohol inks!!!!!!!!!

  3. CJ says:

    I loved jury service when I did it a few years back – prob coz I’m such a nosey moo LOLLoving your LO’s = perhaps you should be submitting to a certain well known scrapping mag :DCJx

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