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Digi delight

on July 21, 2008

I finally got back to my digi scrapping today. I have wanted to do some for a while now but could just never get a page the way I wanted it, until today. Everything on this page is from Tracy Ann Digital Art, one of my favourite designers. It was just a fun page to make. It shows Beth at a recent jaunt to M & D’s, I think her and I are about the only people in Central Scotland that hadn’t been before.

I love fairground rides and the noise and smell of the ‘shows’ but I am terrified of heights. However I do manage to force myself on some of the rides, including the big wheel. What possessed me Idon’t know as I sat through the whole thing terrified. Beth got braver as the time went on but I didn’t, not helped by the teenagers in the next carriage screaming to get off! I took pics of beth and Mark sitting opposite me to prove I did it, lol. I also went on some of the other rides with her but refused point blank to go on the chair o planes, I am not that brave!

Tomorrow I have to go to the local Sheriff Court for jury service, which I am not terribly pleased about. I know I get better holidays than most but this would have suited me better during term time. I look on my holidays as the flexi days that I work extra hours for all year round, over and above my contracted hours. In saying that if I counted up all the extra hours I work, I don’t think the present holidays would cover it! Anyway, enough of my moaning. Hopefully the Court won’t need me or the case will be a very short one. Take care x x x


One response to “Digi delight

  1. CJ says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Tracy AnnCJx

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