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Boys will be boys

on July 18, 2008

Why is it that boys behave so differently from girls? It never ceases to amaze me that the two can be so different. Logan is so different to Katy and some of the things he does would be quite funny and probably cute in a family without our history of Asperger’s ( 1 of 2 sons, 1 of 3 nephews) and ADHD ( 2 of 3 nephews, 1 out 2 brothers and probably oldest son). Sometimes it is almost heartbreaking watching him and hoping that whatever genes cause these problems will pass him by. I know how much I struggled, especially with schools and teachers, and I also know how much my brother and sister in law struggled with the same things. I only hope that by the time Logan is of nursery/school age either the education and health people are more enlightened or he has escaped whatever rogue gene runs in our family.

Anyway, these two pages were my antidote to pinkness and girlyness. The first one was simply to show off one of my favourite pics of him, before he had his first proper haircut. I have made a huge dent into my collection of Bam Pop papers, which I love, and I may even have to buy some more, though I am trying to resist buying anything at the moment.

The second page was simply to record this disgusting habit he has developed. I am sure it is simply to get a reaction from us all, and it certainly works! I used some grungeboard on this page and it is so easy to colour compared to chipboard. In case you can’t make out the quote at the bottom of the pic it goes – “There comes a time in every rightly constructed boys life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure” Mark Twain. I know it is yuk but it just fitted these pics so well!

Yesterday we had planned a day out. Sean has been on holiday all week after T in the Park so I suggested we take Katy, Logan and Michelle for a trip. We had originally thought of going to Burntisland, a favourite family haunt. Sadly the weather wasn’t great so instead of a trip to the beach we went to Deep Sea World and then onto Burntisland with a view to going swimming in the indoor pool rather than the sea. Logan had other plans. He absolutely hated swimming and cried to come out. He does have a sensitivity to noise, which might have been the reason. However when he is making it he seems oblivious! After Katy and I had finished swimming we went for a walk to the beach, in between rain showers. Logan loved it! He started off fully dressed but ended up so wet we had to strip him and change him. He then decided to go back into the sea – with me running in up to my knees to drag him out (thank goodness for crocs the all weather shoes). Just as I got to him he fell face first into the water and came up laughing. We got him changed into his final set of clothes, let him go for 2 seconds and off he went again. More wet trousers for me and one soaked child later, we took him home dressed in a nappy and wrapped in a blanket to keep him warm. If you were one of the families in Burntisland yesterday who enjoyed the antics of the mad family with the water baby, that was us. If you see us again feel free to either go in the opposite direction in a hurry or stop and say hi. We won’t be offended either way. Take care x x x


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