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Going girly

on July 15, 2008

I am really enjoying my scrapping just now. I have been trying a few different things and just trying to avoid getting into that ‘same old, same old’ rut that makes you feel trapped. I got a huge pile of pics today from Photobox so have plenty to be going on with.

I love this page about Beth. I took the pic last summer, but it is still one of my faves. I wanted to keep the page simple but girly and I think I have achieved that. I stamped and embossed the edges using BG stamps and Blonde Moments Lustre powder and I think that adds a bit of delicacy to it.

I think it’s time for a few boy pages or something grungy now, after all the girly pinkness. I know there have been a lot of sneak peeks of the new stuff at CHA recently and while some of it is lush, I have to refrain from temptation until I have made a significant dent in what I have. I am getting there, the small flowers on Beth’s page are by prima and are more than 2 years old, but I still have a way to go, lol.
I have also been tagged by Sara-Jane, so here goes.
What was happening 10 years ago? – 10 years ago I was recovering from the trauma of my first year of teaching. It was a very difficult class and a difficult time for the community I worked in. By the end of June we all needed a break. I would have been on my first holiday abroad as a single parent, in sunny Majorca, having a ball with my kids!
5 things to do today -1) Tidy my craft space (again!)
2) Go to the library as I have more time to read now I’m on holiday.
3) Buy tickets for T in the Park 2009!
4) Continue filing photos in archival albums – I have finished up to the end of 1981!
5) Spend time with Gordon.
Snacks – It should be fruit but will more likely be cheese.
What would I do if I was a millionaire? I would buy a piece of land and build an eco friendly bungalow in the middle of it (no noisy neighbours, lol). It would have to be big enough for a craft room and photo studio so I can take great pics of my family. I would also buy each of my kids a house so I know they have that security. After that it would be enjoy life without having to worry financially.

Places I have lived – Glasgow, Aldershot, Oxfordshire, Germany, Livingston.

I haven’t thought about who I am going to tag as yet, so watch out, lol.
Shimmelle’s blog prompt from yesterday was to share a photo of yourself now and in the past but I have to find one that’s not too scary first. I will keep that delight for next time. Take care x x x

One response to “Going girly

  1. kathj says:

    I love this lo it is very pretty!

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