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I never thought I would say this but …..

on June 21, 2008
…… I think I am growing to like hand cutting! Gone are the panic and palpitations when faced with the thought, gone is my dread of big patterns on paper that simply begs to be cut out. What has made this miraculous difference, I hear you ask? A decent pair of scissors! I have to confess to being the very opposite of a scrap snob. I do like to buy new stuff when it comes out, mainly because that’s when it catches my eye but I haven’t a clue normally about what’s good and what’s not. I buy what I like and scrap for me so it really doesn’t matter if what I use is the latest or not. Until very recently I used a set of scissors I bought in Ikea for about a £2 but recently decided to treat myself to a pair of proper paper scissors and what a difference it has made.

I started off with this page about my family, based on a class from BPS Baker’s Dozen. Now for someone who is not a scrap snob I am finding these classes very basic in design and so not me. That said I am enjoying them because they are taking me back to why I first started scrapping, and that is to record the memories and tell the stories. I have written the journalling on this page as though I was Katy telling the world what her family means to her. I used BG gypsy papers that I have loads of and sat for ages cutting out flowers. I found it quite restful, lol.

Then came the Spend, spend, spend page, for which I used Doodlebug papers and more hand cutting.

The prompt was to use a pic of your whole family and a receipt and document what kinds of things you bought and why. I turned this into a brief synopsis of the changes in what I have spent my money on over the years. From sweets to comics to scraps (remember them?) and then onto make up and clothes, baby bits and trolleys full of food to now, being able to buy scrap and photography stuff. This is a big part of my life but not something that you can capture in a photo and dress it up to look good, it is a story, and one I may need reminded of as the years advance all too fast!

Apart from that life is so busy, as always at the end of term. There are always way too many meetings and way too many commitments after school that have to be met. Add to this the manicness of trying to get all the loose ends tied and reports and forms written and dispatched and it’s no wonder teachers, if not parents, long for the end of term. I will try and update again before that momentous day, next Friday in this part of the world, but there may simply not be enough time. Whatever the next week brings you, I hope you enjoy it. Take care x x x


4 responses to “I never thought I would say this but …..

  1. Angela says:

    hand cutting??????????????????OMGsee you tomorrow xxx

  2. Sara-Jane says:

    great layouts and omg hand cutting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Roz says:

    Linda, your handcutting is lovely, and it always has been, just a labour of love thats all. Hope your keeping well.

  4. kathj says:

    Beautiful Layouts!

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