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A diagnosis and possible cure

on June 10, 2008

I know why my mojo has gone awol – I am drowning in photos! Seriously, I have always taken a lot of pics of my kids, mainly because there are almost none of me and my siblings as children. Since I went digital I have taken even more and then when I discovered scrapbooking I took even more. Now I sit and look at boxes of phtos and albums and wonder where to start.

I have found a possible solution though. Since being off work after the op I have spent a bit more time on UKS and was following a thread about photo freedom with interest. It is based on a book by Stacy Julian and I gave in last week and bought a copy. It is great, it was like she was writing to me personally! I have since started reorgansing my photos in the way she suggests, adapting it to fit me but I can feel such a difference. I no longer think ‘where do I start?’ I want to scrap and tell the stories of our lives, which is what brought into this fantastic hobby in the first place.

I did manage one page before the photo sorting took over. It was my first, and probably my last, attempt at doodling. I love to see doodling on a page, especially when it is done well. I am just too controlling to be able to do it well though, I cannot let go enough. I can hear the loud guffaws of several friends as they read this, they know my need to be in control too well!

For now I am off for an ealry night. I am back to work in the morning and I have a meeting at 4.30 tomorrow with some of the council officials in response to some of the issues that have arisen in our school. I think it may be a long day! Take care x x x

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