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Ups and downs

on May 30, 2008
That’s how life seems to be at the moment. One of the ups was Gardening Scotland which is on this weekend at Ingliston, near Edinburgh. The camera club I go to is lucky enough to be the ‘official’ photographers for this event so we get access to all areas during the event.

I had originally planned to go today, Friday, but with being not quite at my peak I changed to Thursday which is the setting up day and there is no general public access. I am so glad I did because the weather was great and I had almost unlimited access to the displays without having to fight my way through those who had paid to see it. I managed to stay longer than I first thought I would but that was thanks to Gordon for being my pack mule and chauffeur 🙂

I didn’t get to see everything though because we had to vacate the floral hall during the judging, which takes several hours! The organisers ask each year for us to take photos of the judges in action but despite this the judges insist that we leave the hall during the judging. The man who told me to leave yesterday was none too polite about it either, which kind of spoiled the day.

The downs are more to do with my physical and mental health, having developed an unexpected infection requiring yet more visits to the hospital has been a bit of a blow. I am sore and very, very tired but hopefully things will improve soon. Tomorrow is the last day of my PGCE course at Jordanhill and although I have enjoyed the course, I won’t miss the travelling or the workload. It hasn’t been easy fitting this in with everything else.

I did spend a peaceful few hours cutting and sewing flowers for this LO. It was inspired by the weekly UKS challenge which included using mainly white and no patterned paper. I had originally planned to use black and white pics but I wasn’t sure. I do think the colour pics work well though. Well if you have nothing to do over the weekend then Gardening Scotland is worth considering but whatever you choose, enjoy! Take care x x x


3 responses to “Ups and downs

  1. Angela says:

    Linda, pics are amazing and wow that LO is mega amazing!!!Hope you feel better soon and are resting lots.Speak soon xxxx

  2. Sara-Jane says:

    hope ur feeling better soon love ur pics from gardening scotland!!!!!!!!! especially ur reflection in the silver ball and the amazing clouds and blue skytake carexxxxx

  3. kathj says:

    love thoes silver balls

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