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In stitches

on May 24, 2008

I stitched on two of the pages I made at Angela’s crop, which is quite unusual for me. One was featured on the previous post and the other is the following page which is Katy meeting her new brother for the first time. Considering Logan is now 17 months old it has taken me a while, lol. I used a page kit that I had already had for a while by then with papers from Blue Cardigan, which are not really my style, but they seemed to fit this pic so well. I used a Bazzil template for the stiching, as my free stitching is not really that neat!

However the surgeon who put me back together this week has very neat stitching, I wonder if he does comission pieces? I had to have an op on my neck and currently look a bit like Frankensteins wee fat sister, but without the bolt! I had great treatment and feel fine, but very tired. I have to say though, the op and recovery is much less stressful than work at the moment though! I certainly won’t be rushing back as soon as the stitches are out either as I was asked to ‘train’ someone else to do my job by leaving a note for them before I left, and I am going back to write endless reports. I am obviously very highly valued by my management!

On a lighter note I had a short visit from Katy and Logan yesterday. Katy was quite distressed because I still had my pyjamas on and it was daytime! She wasn’t fazed at all by my new look, which was good. For all you scrappers out there, yes it has been photographed but not by me, by my OH who was miffed that he forgot to take pics when it was at it’s worst. To top that he asked, quite sincerely, if they had offered me the bits thay had removed as a keepsake! Yeuk!!!!! I cannot think of anything worse. Is it just me who thinks that this is an unreasonable reaction? Surely not????
I will leave you with another page of Katy, pretending to be grandma, without the stitches. Take care x x x

One response to “In stitches

  1. Sara-Jane says:

    love ur layouts ( i know i seen them at he crop!)hope ur recovering well xxxx

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