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Simply the best

on May 19, 2008

The past few days have been great – one of the best weekends I have had for a long time. Friday was my birthday, the last one before 50! As my son put it so succinctly “God mum, you’re getting old!” Thanks for that!

This page was for a UKS challenge last week and records how pleased I was to be asked to be on the Inspiration blog. I even managed to use up some stash I had had for about 2 years – a double bonus, lol.
Anyway Gordon and I had a lovely day out, I took loads of photos and we had a nice lunch. Saturday was a 12 hour crop at Angel Crafts where I was sung to with great gusto and I had an absolute ball. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great day, I even managed to get 4 pages done! This one was using the yummy Heidi Grace papers I bought at the crop and a Bazzil sewing template for the title. I also used some yummy ribbons that are sold as a monthly kit.

Yesterday was a family day at a local park where we all had fun and Katy and Beth managed to have accidents. Beth hurt her shins but was very brave, Katy fell off a climbing frame and after I had sprinted across the park to pick her up I was really feeling my age. I was the only one who had seen what had happened and I wasn’t hanging around. Luckily she got more of a fright than any injuries but it was a worry. Logan on the other hand was in his element and although he came close to hurting himself a few times, he managed to avoid it, which is quite unusual.

Today however is back to reality with a task to do for Jordanhill tomorrow evening and back to school tomorrow moring and a pile of tasks to do for that. Wednesday I am off the hospital for a wee op so it will probably be the end fo the week before the next update. Take care x x x

4 responses to “Simply the best

  1. Angela says:

    Happy Birthday to you!! lolI had the fabbest time on saturday as well and did 1 LO!! hee heeSee you soon

  2. dddeeebbbzzz says:

    Sounds like a great weekend (if you don’t count the accidents in the park!) Love your LO! Ignore your son’s comment – he doesn’t appreciate that we get better as we get older!!

  3. Sara-Jane says:

    great pics lindaglad u had good weekend!!!!!!!!!!was it south queensferry u and gordon wnet too, i love it there but need to fnd somewhere new to go to take care thinking of u as u go for ur op tomorrowsj xx

  4. Maggie says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Linda (you share your B’day with my DH) and I hope everything went well for you in surgery.

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