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Away with the fairies!

on May 13, 2008

Well, not quite but close, lol. Things are a but frantic here with one thing and another so I really enjoyed some ‘me’ time over the weekend to scrap. I managed to do a few digi pages and paper pages and I even tidied up all the mess I made, which is very unusual.

I wanted to escape from reality a bit so I had a rummage through my digi stuff and made this little beauty. I am planning to get it printed and framed for Katy’s bedroom wall at some point because I just think it is so cute! I used a kit from Lorie Davison called ‘Faerily Moonlit Garden’ and it is just sooo cute. Well worth a look if you like that kind of thing.

The pic I used is one I took last week when the sun was shining, though the sun has sort of hidden away ever since. I had to take pics of families for CJ’s photography challenge. Sadly my team did not win and I volunteered to be ‘fired’ because of all the other stuff I have going on. I did get some great pics out of though so it was worth it.

I wanted to use some other bits while I was sort of in digi fantasy mode so I also made this cute LO of Beth. I used various bits including two kits, both called Enchanted Forest. One is by Madame Mim and the other by Milla Designs. I also used another Lorie Davison kit called Water Sprite which would be great for all sorts of holiday pics too.

I will share the paper pages with you all later. Until then, take care x x x


One response to “Away with the fairies!

  1. Angela says:

    OMG they are amazing!!!!!

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