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Monkey Boy

on May 6, 2008

Just a very quick post as things have suddenly gone manic here! This is the only page I got done over the weekend! I used the Going Bananas stuff from Nitwit Collections. It relates a conversation I had with Katy last week. She was going to nursery and said “My name is Katy Wyhgr Lhgrtuocrd.” Being a very proud grandma and thinking how clever she was I asked “What is Logan’s name?” “Monkey boy” was the reply! Hence the title of the page. I deliberately masked her name so I could post it here but I couldn’t resist capturing the moment. Hopefully I will have more to share later in the week including some scrapping, with paper! Take care x x x


3 responses to “Monkey Boy

  1. Sara-Jane says:

    aww how sweet love the monkeys there great did they come with the kit?

  2. I love this scrapbook page! It is fab. The colours are perfect and I think the topic is so sweet. Children say the funniest things don’t they 🙂

  3. Angela says:

    How cute is that? Gorgeous Lo and picSo looking forward to seeing you on Saturday xx

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