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Time flies

on May 2, 2008

I can’t believe how fast time is passing just now. It has been hectic recently as my final module at Jordanhill has started so that means all day Saturday followed by a three hour session on the following Tuesday after school. Tuesday this week was the first evening journey after the clocks changed and I was hoping that it would be a more pleasant one as a result. Silly me! Well, in fairness the journey home wasn’t too bad but the journey there was horrendous, thanks to our wonderful Scottich weather. It was like monsoon season with thunder and lightening chucked in for added value. It was difficult to know whether you could even change lanes as you couldn’t see if there was car beside you or not! However, only another three Tuesday’s and one more Saturday till it’s finished.

I haven’t managed much scrapping recently either, what with one thing and another. I did manage one page during last week’s UKS cybercrop. I have also been madly stocking up on some digi specials for National Scrapbooking Day tomorrow. I am off to the caravan for a few days so hopefully I will get some pages done.

Although next week is a short week it will no doubt seem like a long week as Tuesday is a day full of meetings. Not my favourite kind of day. However it means I will be one day closer to getting to scrap with paper and that has to be a good thing.

Not a lot of other news to share. UKS have a monthly photo competition and this month’s theme was fashion. I submitted a few pics that I had taken while doing some street photography, which I absolutely love. I also submitted this pic I took of Mark and Beth. She looks so cute in her Easter bonnet.

Finally one of my fave street pics –


2 responses to “Time flies

  1. Sara-Jane says:

    great pics linda

  2. Angela says:

    Fab Lo, and OMG those picsSee you real soonxxx

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