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Swings and roundabouts

on April 16, 2008

Where has the past few days gone? Time seems to be speeding by and I have no idea what I am doing with it all.

Since last week I have only managed one page – for last week’s weekly UKS challenge. It is something I have been meaning to scrap for a few weeks but just couldn’t get it to work. I am still not sure but it was based on a sketch so I was a bit restricted but I am not changing it now. It documents Michelle’s inability to learn her multiplication tables and her panic when she realised that as a mum she would have to help Katy and Logan to learn them when they are older! Michelle is just not maths orientated, unlike her baby brother who does very long and complicated calculations in his head for fun, he is also much quicker than any calculator I have ever used!

I think this difference between siblings is one of the most fascinating bits about being a parent. It’s also great as a grandparent when your children moan about their children doing exactly what they did at a similar age. How does that saying go – ‘revenge is a dish best eaten cold!’ lol. Certainly Katy Louise is very much like her mum was, wilful, determined and stubborn! Logan is very different and the complete opposite of Katy. At the park at the weekend he was everywhere and wanted to climb/go on everything. She is a big fearty and it has taken her till now to even consider going down tha baby chute when I am at the bottom – well, almost half way up really, waiting to catch her.

What I did get at the park was a pic of my three grandchildren together. It has only taken me 16 months and it may be as long again before I manage to capture one of them all together and actually looking at the camera, but I will keep trying.

Its also been swings and roundabouts at work. Things are ok on the whole, certainly considerably better than they have been. There are things going on behind the scenes and we have been told unofficially that the Council are aware of our situation and that changes will have to be made but what and when we don’t know. At the moment it is a wait and see situation but sadly things are guaranteed to get much worse before they get better. The main thing is we are all sticking together and supporting each other and doing our very best for the pupils in our charge, as always.

For now I am off to watch some rubbish tv with a box of chocs my OH bought for me. Take care x x x


3 responses to “Swings and roundabouts

  1. Angela says:

    Gorgeous Layout and brilliant pic!

  2. Sara-Jane says:

    love the pic well done on capturing them all together, i know u been saying for months it was impossible”nothing is impossible”

  3. Maggie says:

    I love your LO Linda and what a great photo. Bribery always helps if you want them to look at the camera you know šŸ˜€

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