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It is good to be back

on April 7, 2008

I survived my first day back. I must look and sound bad though as my boss threatened to send me home as I was unwell, I almost had to plead to be able to stay. I am sure I will look back on this in a few weeks and wonder what on earth I was thinking of, lol.

Anyway, it was great to see the kids again though remembering names of all the children in 6 different classes was a struggle at times! I am planning on taking it easy this week and being back up to full speed for next, fingers crossed. By that I mean I am putting the same level of effort into my planning and teaching, I am just ignoring all the other bits round about the teaching day. I would hate anyone to think I was letting the kids down. In fact I was reading a teaching mag yesterday and the article was about teachers who work in the state sector sending their children to private school. One woman’s comment was – “I am not sure if I am a good enough teacher for my daughter”. That just made me so mad. If you don’t think you are good enough to teach your own children then you should certainly not be teaching anyone elses, in my opinion.

Enough of that. I have now managed to complete 2 paper pages. I quite like having my craft stuff in my bedroom as I can do a wee bit then wander away and every time I pass my desk I see all the stuff I have accumulated. I have taken to leaving stuff out so I can see it as I pass and I start to think of how I am going to use it, I hope it lasts. There is so much lovely stuff I have resisted, but every time I open a drawer I find something else equally lovely that I had forgotten I had! Once I have made a significant dent in what I have I can buy more but not till then because apart from the money side of it – I simply have no more room to put anything else.

The first page used some KI Memories stuff I bought specially for pages of Logan and the second uses loads of stuff from a kit I got about two years ago! Two pages won’t even begin to make a dent but it’s a start. Onwards and forwards as the saying goes.
The journaling on the G is for Grateful page reads – For these I am grateful, family, friends, home, heart to feel, hands to help, memories of good times. Take care x x x

2 responses to “It is good to be back

  1. Angela says:

    glad you are feeling better, and those pages are fab!!

  2. Roz says:

    so glad your back on the mend, and so agree with you about the teachers, what is that about, for goodness sake. Loving the pages, that pic of you is stunning, onwards and upwards with your dent making.

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