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Portraits and plumbing

on March 22, 2008

I am sure someone is stealing part of my weeks – I have things I want to record on here in my head but then I never seem to get here and then I forget, which is why I needed to record it here in the first place!

I am much, much bettter, the world is almost still these days, long may it last. I don’t know where the past week has gone because I have rarely been out of the hoouse and I haven’t scrapped – not sure what I did actually do though, lol.
A few weeks ago the camera club held a practical portrait night which was good but I am not a great fan of posed shots with lots of lighting – I know there is a need for good lighting, just not always banks of studio lights, in my opinion.
Anyway – as a result I paid more attention than usual when I saw a link for Cheryl Johnson’s Portrait workshop and I signed up. Week one was to be a collage of portrait shots meant to demonstrate your interaction with the subject. The first ones I took where of Logan happily munching a biscuit, the only way apart from nails to keep him in one place! I took these before the actual class came through but they sort of fitted.

After this I managed to convince Michelle to pose for me – I could hardly believe she sadi yes and she hates having her pic taken and usually all I get is her hand in front of her face, lol. The collage is not the best of the shots, more about capturing a variety of shots. In the end though she was really pleased with some of the pics – but it was hard work. It meant more to me that she liked them than anything else though. All the pics were taken in natural light, no flash which to me, is how it should be.

I have a few faves but I won’t bore you with any more pics. This weeks module is taking shots of groups of people – I am already thinking about who I am going to have to bribe to pose but that’s for later.

As for plumbing – Gordon has taken the plumbing in this house apart since he came back from his last course – I almost have to make an appointment to use the loo. I wonder if he will be as enthusiastic about fixing things here when the work starts coming in? Somehow I doubt it, lol.

Hopefully I will manage some scrapping in the next few days and will manage an update within the next few days, rather than weeks, even if it’s only while I am waiting for the toilet to be reassembled so I can use it! Take care x x x


One response to “Portraits and plumbing

  1. Sara-Jane says:

    love the collages!!is the course through uks?hope ur well

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