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Stop the world I want to get off!

on March 6, 2008

I am so fed up of being ill – it feels as though I have had somethig wrong with me for months! Well, i know there are some out there who probably feel it’s been much longer than that but mhey ho, lol.

I now have labyrinthitis and the world is spinning. It’a bit like being on a very long, wery twisty rollercoaster – all of the time. Walking and lying down are the worst because I have to hang onto things to keep me upright or prone, depending on which one I am trying to accomplish. The only thing that doesn’t make my head slin is sitting at the kitchen table reading which, after several days is becoming boring. All sufferers of vertigo, which is what this is like, have my utmost sympathies.

Apart from that I have achieved very little. I managed 2 quick digi pages about Beth and have a paper page planned in my head, I just need the room to stop moving so I can get it stuck down!

This page used paper from a new Catscrap collab kit, the frame, title alpha and torn paper edge are by Tracy Ann Digital Art, sequins – Rachel Young, flower spray behind the pic – Kim De Smet, flowers on frame – Jenna Desai, word art Dannelle Johnson and Katie Periet.

I have set myself a task of thinking of one positive thing each day. Today’s is that Gordon will be home shortly after a week away in England, I think I have surprised myself with how much I have missed him, I put it down to being ill, lol.

This page used frames from Two Sisters designs, fancy edge templates from Corina Neilson Designs and all other paper, titles and elements are from a new collab kit by Catrine, Birgit and Kate Hadfield, available from Catscrap. Just a quick fun page.

Hopefully I will get back to more regular updates, just as soon as the spinning stops! Take care x x x


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