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There are worse things I could have done……

on February 24, 2008

This is a song title from this weeks Team Challenge over on UKS and it fits the past few days so well! I also used as the title on this page

although I am not totally happy with it. I don’t think the balance is quite right so I will probably redo it at some point. The challenge was to use a song title from Grease or Saturday Night Fever, use white, something sparkly and 2 pics. I used January’s BYO kit from The Lilypad which I think is a great idea.

Thursday was the day Mark was to move into his new house, having handed the keys in for his previous flat a few days before, to save having to pay rent on 2 properties. He had been back sleeping on his brother’s couch so was really looking forward to being settled. Gordon and I had booked a van more than a week beforehand so everything seemed to be going well.

Those of you who have some knowledge of how my life usually goes will by now know that things didn’t go as planned. When I’m around they never do! Anyway off we set, very optimistically only to find the van rental place had no knowledge of us. Later we found all the details written on a pad in our kitchen so we definitely did book it. What was worse was they had vans to rent but couldn’t give us one because Gordon had only brought the paperwork he was told to bring, and it wasn’t enough to book a van without a prior booking. Talk about frustrating!
While Gordon was in the van office finding this out, I was phoning Mark to say all was well, and we would be with hin shortly. We raced round to another company that we has used before but they had no vans. Luckily Mark’s employed had a business van rental contract nearby but we didn’t have the right paperwork and it was due to close shortly.

I am usually a very careful driver and I hate speeding and people who speed, especially in built up areas. However this time I made a little exception and manged to force myself to drive about 3 miles over the speed limit most of the way back. I sort of threw Gordon out at the van rental place and rushed home to get the other paperwork we needed. My deadline was 5pm and I made it for 2 minutes past, only to find they didn’t close till 6pm! Thankfully he is now safely moved. It is funny looking back but at the time it was so stressful. Friday I spent most of the day in bed as I just felt so awful and I’m sure the stress was part of it.

Apart from that I have done very little. I have no notion to scrap with paper at the moment but I have spent hours browsing a few digi forums and galleries – there is so much fantastic work out there, I am in awe!

I did manage a couple of pages, in between browsing and sorting files. Both pages use kits from Kay Miller Designs which I discovered from a newsletter I get from Nitwit Collections which are
fab for children’s kits.

Today the family day is at Mark’s so it’s old clothes and paint brushes I think. Wish me luck! Take care x x x

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