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Trouble at mill

on February 18, 2008
Where did the weekend go? I am sort of used to having four days off but this weekend I managed 1 – which came as a bit of a shock.
Saturday saw the start of the next block of my course at Jordanhill and while I think this may be the best yet, it is still a toll having to spend all day Saturday there and go back again after school tomorrow. I know I am just being grumpy so I shall shut up now, lol.
Work is causing problems again and this time all the permanent teachers have decided to complain en mass to the union in the hope things will improve. I won’t go into details on here but suffice to say it is a wonder we are still working and smiling and doing our best for the children in our charge, inside we are falling apart and that is not a good way to be.
On a happier note I have managed a few bits craft wise. I haven’t managed to even touch paper since the crop and that is causing me a great deal of frustration. I am hoping to remedy that this weekend, but the way things are going it’s not looking overly optimistic. I may simply have to give up sleeping, I can’t seem to find another way at the moment.
I will leave you with a page about me for which I used a Prima template from Andrea Gold and the yummiest kit from Nancy Kubo, also Prima, called Winter Joy. The second page uses pocs I took yesterday of Logan sweeping in the garden. It is a Shandy Voght template, Tracy Ann Digital Art paper and a few bits from me.

It was so nice to see Katy and Logan looking well yesterday as they have both been so ill recently. Long may it last. Take care x x x

2 responses to “Trouble at mill

  1. Sara-Jane says:

    what a great layout of logan!!! bless looks like he will be handy to have a round sorry for leaving the alphabets oops did u get my text also apologising

  2. Roz says:

    Stunning layouts, I love that pic of you. Keep your chin up darling, things will work out in the end, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed they all work the way you want.

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