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"When I haven’t got blue I have to use red"

on February 15, 2008

“When I haven’t got blue I have to use red” Pablo Picasso. When this prompt came up in the 365+1 challenge I managed to take this self portrait just for a bit of fun. When it became the prompt for that week’s layout I wasn’t so sure, it just didn’t seem like a pic I would scrap. Until now! I have a new addiction and that is the kits and bits at Tracy Ann Digital Art. This page was made with the Tuttie Frutti kit and it just seemed to fit so well with the photo. I am going to print this one off and keep it nearby so I can remind myself to look for the red on the blue days.
I had no trouble finding the red today though, but it wasn’t fun. I had spent most of yesterday planning my school stuff. I was asked to wrok but I had to go in this afternoon for a training session so decided I would work this morning instead to try and get these awful reports finished. Unfortunately my boss decided she needed to meet with me first, for 2 hours! The worst bit was she completely changed everything she told me to do last week and all the work I had done the previous day was for nothing! As you can imagine I was seeing plenty of red! The upshot is the reports are still not finished and all the staff are tearing their hair out, again.
Tomorrow I am back at Jordanhill for the next part of my course. It will be nice to catch up with everyone again.
I am still wading through digi files but I now have a system and I know exactly how I want them all organised for ease of use and finding what I want quickly. The other day I took the drastic action of deleting all my unzipped files and starting again. I have started with the most recent stuff and I will be deleting all the bits I won’t use. I am really enjoying my digi stuff again, for a while there it was so difficult to find anything that I was put off trying.
Next weekend I am hoping to manage to get some time to play with paper again and having tried a few different things with digi I am hoping to transfer some of that over. I also would like to get some more hybrid done. For now I am away to bed with a book. Take care x x x

3 responses to “"When I haven’t got blue I have to use red"

  1. Sara-Jane says:

    great layout linda!!! also love that picture!!!im back on blogger too my friends is complaining that she cant she read my vox and hasnt been since few weeks agoenjoy ur book

  2. Heather says:

    I found you YEAH! This is better and I do love that fun page and red is my favourite colour LOL! Hope things are manageable at School, it was lovely to see you last weekend, we must set that date soon 😉 xx

  3. Marli says:

    Well written article.

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