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So tired

on February 12, 2008
For the past two weeks I have been fightin off a cold/flu type bug and it is making me so tired. I brought home bags of work to do this weekend as the schools here have been off yesterday and today but I haven’t managed to get it all done. To be honest some of that is because I couldn’t face it but having spent most of today in bed and still feeling exhausted, it’s not simply that. I almost wish it would come to something and be done but the constant aches and sinusitis is getting me down.

I still haven’t managed to take pics of my LO’s but I did manage another digi page. I was blog hopping yesterday and found a fab new digi site. When I saw kits called Flip, Flop and Flap I had to look closer to see if they were anything to do woth the fab Lippy Chick books of the same name.

They weren’t but they were equally delightful. The site is Tracy Ann Digital Art for those who like digi. I had to but the Flip and Flop kits and I managed to make this.

I can’t remember where I picked up the template for the curled photo but it just sets the whole thing off. A site worth a look if you like digi bits and want something a bit different.

I am now away to bed with a lemsip in preparation for school tomorrow. Take care x x x


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