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Family Fun

on February 11, 2008

Yesterday was a lovely day, though I was completely exhausted by the end of it! At 13 months old Logan is a one man wrecking crew – he is so quick on his feet these days and before I have picked up one mess he has managed to create another 2 elsewhere! His favourite thing at the moment is the wooden remote control holder that Gordon’s dad made many years ago. He spent ages putting a pencil in and taking it out – I think it was because there are several slots to choose from. You can just see the mischief in this boys face!

Despite it being a lovely day early on the fog soon descended but we went to the park anyway. Logan fell asleep on the way there so it was just Katy and Beth, who had a ball. My lot kept complaining about the cold – it was freezing – but the girls were running about too much to notice it.

I managed to get some photos – even of Katy who was NOT in the mood for the camera. She adores Beth though and copies everything she does so I managed to sneak a few pics as a result.

I even got a chance to go and see Mark’s new house, which will be fantastic once he has made it his own. It has had all the repairs done and needs cleaned and redecorated throughout but it is in a great location and is a good size. I know the situation he has been in over the past few years is all his own fault but as his mum I am some glad things are working out for him at last. Just Michelle to sort out now and all will be well, at least until the next crisis hits!

Finally I am still reorganising my digi stuff! It is on my desk top pc as it is way too much for my laptop but I know I would use it more with my laptop so I have a few thoughts and having consulted my live in computer expert, I may finally have a solution. It will take me a while but having a game plan does help, lol. For now I will leave you with this page. I used Rob and Bob papers and elements from Designer Digitals and doodly elements from Kate Hadfield over at the Lily Pad. I have to say the Lily Pad build your own kits are such a great idea.


One response to “Family Fun

  1. Sara-Jane says:

    great pics linda which park was it?

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