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Saturday flitting – short sitting!

on February 9, 2008

What a week this has been! I won’t bore you with the details but enough to say that things are better now than they were, but they have a way to go still.

When I was growing up the phrase ‘Saturday flitting, short sitting’ was often used for those folk who moved house on a Saturday. For anyone that doesn’t know a flitting is when you move house with all your goods and chattels.

Two weeks ago today my eldest son moved into a house which was to be his first permanent home for more than 3 years. It had all mod cons, including an indoor swimming pool. Unfortunately the pool wasn’t meant to be there, it was due to water pouring in from his upstairs neighbour. When he complained to the council he was told there was nothing they could do except try to repair the damage. When they came to see what needed repaired, three days later, they quickly changed their minds, said the property was dangerous, took the keys off him and effectively left him homeless.

Three days after that he was given back the keys for the temporary flat he had been in previously and last Saturday all his things were moved again. This week he got a call about another house, this one didn’t have a pool, so next weekend he moves again. I am hoping to make it on the Sunday! Seriously though, having a stable home will make such a difference to his life, and hopefully to mine.

My daughter and grandchildren are doing ok, they are still in the refuge, but as a result are being very well supported. Tomorrow is going to be a family day when we all get together, I just hope the weather stays dry and we can at least go out for a walk or to the park.

Today was crop day at Angela’s and it was great to see everyone again and meet some new people too. Thanks to SJ for driving, and we never even got lost, a first, I think! I managed to finish two more of my Halloween pages, only one to do and I am hoping to get that done asap. No pics yet at the light was dire when I got home, but hopefully tomorrow.

Last night I managed a quick digi page using a template from Cathy Pascual, one of the Prima flower girls, and a gorgeous paper set by Nancy Kubo. I added a few bits from Debra Arif just to finish it off.

For now I am away to unpack my bags and drool over all the luscious bits I bought today. Take care x x x


11 responses to “Saturday flitting – short sitting!

  1. Sara-Jane says:

    glad things are looking up lindano probs about drivinggreat to catch up despite me wee incidint with tea!!!have great day tomorrow

  2. Heather says:

    Here’s hoping the good weather holds for you tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Wow what gorgeous photo and the layouts too. Makes me want to try digital. I read most everything and it brought back memories when I use to talk to the pain in my leg. Sounds crazy but when all was quiet and still I would get an answer. So I made a deal with the pain that I wouldn’t over do it if it would go away. It worked until I overdid and pain came back showing me who was in control.Your weight issue for you reminded me that the essence of who I am is not my body but something deep inside my spirit and soul.Peace and wellness to you.

  4. Anonymous says:

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