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Blog blues

on January 29, 2008

Vox has been causing me no end of problems recently.  I cannot seem to get a post to save although i can upload pics and bits well enough.  I have been investigating a more reliable blog host so a move may be in order but things have been so manic recently that I simply have not had time to do much about it.


Work has been fine, in fact my boss has been so pleasant and nice it's almost worse than when she was unbearable!  At least 2 other teachers have complained to the local authority now and another two are giving it serious thought.  Maybe something will get done at last, for the sake of the children and the sanity of the staff!


As for home – things are stressful as usual.  My oldest moved into his new home on Saturday – well he attempted to.  The place is a disaster!  It is a 2 bedroomed flat but only one room is actually water free.  He has the domestic equivalent of Niagra falls running from the ceiling of his kitchen and lounge, through the light fitting and any other gaps.  the plaster is falling off the walls with damp except for the bits that are stuck down with mould.  When he tried to refuse it as uninhabitable he was told he would be on the streets as he was making himself homeless.  We had to pile all his stuff up in one room and he has slept on a friends sofa until he could get time off work today to contact the local area housing manager.  The property was immediately declared unsafe and they took the keys off him.  They will contact him tomorrow to let him know where he has to go and he has to have a two person escort when he ants to collect his things from that house, in case of the roof falling in on him.  As soon as he has somewhere to live I will be making a very strong complaint to anyone who will listen.  Stray animals are treated better.


As for Michelle, she is now in a woman's aid safe house with my two youngest grandchildren.  Her partner is suffering from severe post traumatic stress disorder and depsite his local GP telling him everyhting was fine, it patently isn't.  Her partner hasn't been violent towards the children but his rages are terrifying and the unpredictability is too much for all of them.  He desperately needs help, for his own sanity, if not his relationship with Michelle and the children.  Leaving the army was something he had to do, his last tour of Iraq left way too many scars, but the help that is so necessary is simply not available.


As for me – I am off to bed with some headache pills in the hope I manage to stop worrying long enough to sleep.  Tomorrow is another day, I just hope it brings some better news.  Take care x x x

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2 responses to “Blog blues

  1. Heather says:

    Linda – you and your family are in my prayers. So sorry to hear of all the trials and tribulations. My geart goes out to Logan and Katy, but at least they're safe till their Daddy gets the help he needs.

  2. SJ says:

    linda sending u big (((HUGS))) AND just to let u know that u and ur family are in my thoughts and prayers
    so much happened out there that in iraq we will never know the full story but surely help should be given on a plate after all the guys do for us out there

    hope today is a better day
    sending u lots of love xx

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