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Fancy a challenge anyone?

on January 3, 2008

My god, I think the scrapping world has gone challenge mad!  Certainly over on UKS it has anyway.  I have joined in with 2 as that is all I will be able to seriously continue this year.


The first is to scrap a page a week, a yearly total of 52 pages which would be a huge improvement on last year, I think.  I haven't counted digi pages in my total for last year though.  I have made a great start with 6 completed over the past 2 days.  I got quite a shock when I finally got into to my craft room to scrap – I had forgotten where my photos were!  I couldn't think when I had last used them or where I had put them.  I did find them though and managed a scraplift from one of the magazines I had bought from Angela just before Christmas.  The original appeared in Scrapbook memories and was by a lady called Celeste Vermeend.  Mine isn't an exact replica but is pretty darned close and was a great kick start.  I used Dream Street papers and stamps from Heidi Swapp and Kelly Pannaci.  The flowers were also from Angela, thanks for the crochet ones hun, they were perfect for this.


My second page is an original and used my lovely Bam Pop papers, cheap card I bought about 2 years ago, a button from an even older kit and some fabric from a long gone swap.  My aim is to use up my older stash to make way for more, if I ever have any money!


The second challenge is the 365 days challenge.  Now I know I won't be totally faithful with this as I simply don't have the time.  I will keep a journal and I will stick with the prompts that are relevant.  I will take more pics of me as a result, but | doubt it will be a pic a day.  In fact I didn't take any yesterday as my camera had annoyed me so much the day before, lol.  This was the result – and no, I am not actually swearing, but it was close!

The colour balance isn't quite right but by the time I got this I was beyond caring.  I will try to make my next effort a bit nicer to look at, but it will not have the 'laugh out loud' quality that this one has! 


I will share my other masterpieces (ha, ha!) later.  I have pulled out all my Halloween photos, papers and bits and once they are scrapped it will be the Christmas ones.  I need to do a Photobox order today to use up my print credits and get my December pics processed.


I will leave you with January's page from the calendar I made for my children this year.  I love my Bind it All, which makes these things possible.  Take care x x x

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2 responses to “Fancy a challenge anyone?

  1. SJ says:

    what fantastic layouts !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love ur facial expresioin linda ive seen this one many a time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love ur calendar page for january have u made it into a actual calendar?

    sj xx

  2. Heather says:

    Fab fab fab and bloody fab LOL! Go you!

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