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It’s a (w)rap!

on December 31, 2007

I cannot believe it is the last day of 2007!  What a year it has been, full of ups and downs and roundabouts. 


Logan is now one – which finally saw an end to what seemed like an endless month of wrapping presents.  He is walking, although a bit unsteady still, but what a quick year it has been.  No doubt this speeding up of time is a sure sign of my increasing age, but I will ignore that for now.

Christmas was lovely, a quiet day and a busy day only marred by poor Beth having chicken pox!  She missed the whole last week of school, the one week that all the fun things happen in, and although she enjoyed Christmas she wasn't her usual bubbly self.

Katy and Logan had great fun.  He played with all her toys and she played with all his.  Everyone had lots of lovely presents and scrumptious food, although we didn't overdo it.  All the males, except Gordon, were working Boxing Day night, so I was being the taxi driver.

My knee is now mended and I can almost go up and down stairs as normal, at last.  Unfortunately I have managed to develop and ear and throat infection along with a blocked salivary gland which makes eating unbearably painful!  So that will help me achieve my target for 2008 and being fitter and hopefully more healthy.


I rarely set myself targets and resolutions because things get in the way and then I feel bad about not sticking to them.  I have to improve my fitness and hopefully lose some weight though.  My health has been so poor this past year and it is getting me down so my future is in my hands.


I just want to wish you all a happy and healthy 2008.  I wonder what delights the year ahead will have in store for you and yours, me and mine?  Here's to a good one!  Take care x x x 


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2 responses to “It’s a (w)rap!

  1. Heather says:

    Poor Beth!Happy New Year to you and yours, Linda.

  2. SJ says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

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