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Making progress

on December 12, 2007

I am still here but life has been fairly boring so not much to relate.  I think a weekly update will do me for the next wee while until I manage to get a life again, lol.  I can now walk unaided by stick or banadage, I just can't do stairs very well.  In fact Katy can beat me on the stairs, as can Gordon's mum, opposite sides of the age spectrum but fitter than me – I can feel a new year resolution arising!


Anyway, Miss Katy is now three and had a good birthday for the most part.  The rotten part was she spent the night before being sick and couldn't even eat her birthday cake.  Luckily her party is on Friday of this week so she will be in top form for that.

Then Michelle decided she wanted some photos for Christmas.  She had bought Logan a Santa suit as it will be his first Christmas, Katy also got a Santa outfit and Beth had an angel's dress.  I could see this really cute phot in my head and had the scrapbook page planned for it.  Sadly my skills as a photographer obviously leave a great deal to be desired as it was a disaster!  Logan was crabby and cried then Katy got fed up.  Beth just wanted to play with Katy's toys and I wanted to toss my camera out of the window!  Maybe one day, maybe other people's children are better behaved, maybe pigs really can fly.


I had hoped to be back at work today but just wasn't up to it.  I have to go back on Monday whether I am fit or not, I have masses of stuff to buy for Christmas as I have barely been out.  I have managed a few pages but no cards as yet, despite the fact I have a ton of stuff.  I think I may make them anyway and send them next year.  I cannot believe how fast the past few weeks have passed, despite each day seeming long.  Still at least Christmas will come again next year so I have another chance to get it right, or organised, or both lol.  For now I am away to bed in the hope that tomorrow I will be able to achive something, no matter how small.  Take care x x x


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One response to “Making progress

  1. SJ says:

    love ur pics linda

    beth definatley looks like an angel

    hope ur feeling better

    sj xx

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