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on November 29, 2007

That is Missing In Inaction.  I know most people would have put missing in action but action is not something I am finding easy at the moment!  It turns out I have torn the ligament on the inside of my knee and boy is it painful!  I have now have a walking stick

and am supposed to keep my leg strapped up during the day – as pictured.  I hasten to add that that is not my leg but one I borrowed from Google.  

If only it were that easy though!  I would be mobile, I could walk and drive and not be stuck in the house waiting to be 'taken' places.  Honestly the highlight of the week so far has been a trip to B & Q to buy plastic piping!  The worst part is that I have legs like a russian shot putter – and the bandage is quite tight so it tends to slip down and acts like a tourniquet.  The walking stick is taking a bit of getting used to and is using muscles I never knew I had.  By the end of this my left leg will be half the size it is and my right shoulder will be way more developed than my left.  I will look a pretty sight no doubt!  At least people who read this blog but have never met me will know who i am if they see me passing.  I am the one who gets overtaken by old ladies and snails while trying hard not to run round in cirlces on my two different sized legs while one arm bursts through the seams on my jacket, lol.


As for scrapping – despite having bought some bits from Angela  I have no notion to scrap at all.  I sort of wander into my craft room and then wander back out again.  I haven't even taken any photos recently, which is most unlike me.  I have only just got around to answering messages that have been sitting for days – so my apologies to those of who I haven't been in touch with, I have only recently caught up.  I am off work for the next 2 weeks so hopefully by then I will be well again and ready to begin my new diet and exercise programme for my diabetes.



I have managed to reorganise some bits on my computer, mainly my digi scrapping stuff.  I have way more than I will ever need or use but there have been so many great deals recently I could not resist.  I have actually managed to use some though and have made a few pages.  I do need to try and be more productive though, if only to justify the hours spent sorting it all out!

Credits are – Nearly Three – template, Kellie Mize, papers, Katie pertiet.  Gap toothed smile – template, Mrs Wresh, papers, NK Design Studio.  Big Blue Eyes – template, 2 sisters designs, papers and elements, Melany Violette.


I do tend to use a lot of templates for my digi scrapping because it makes it so easy to put a page together, especially when I don't have a lot of inspiration.  I am now away to finish sorting files and hopefully produce something totally spontaneous and wonderful, even if it's only an altered walking stick!  Take care x x x 

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One response to “M.I.I.

  1. Angela says:

    Hope you feel better soon!
    Sending hugs

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