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Shoot me now!

on November 18, 2007

I am so tired of being ill/out of sorts and feeling bl**dy miserable!  Over the past few months it has been one thing after another but it is only now that there seems to be some kind of pattern to it all.  Following on from the recent sore back I managed to twist my knee and agravate a problem that has been dormant for 10 years or more.


I am now hobbling around in pain with my knee, but my back is better :-)  It's the small things are really painful such as getting out of bed and getting dressed.  Trying to put your knickers on without bending your leg ain't easy, trust me!  As for driving – I can just about stand the pain of getting into the car but the thought of driving it more than I can bear with the result that I missed the crop at Angela's yesterday, adding to my misery. 


Gordon has kindly offered to drive me to school this week, so hopefully that will help.  The last time I had this problem it required huge amounts of ibuprofen and months of physio – not what I need to cheer me up, lol.  Added to this is the knowledge that I already have impaired fasting glycaemia and I will find out in a week or so whether it has developed into diabetes or not.  This blood glucose problem seems to be what's behind a lot of the other things that have gone wrong recently, scabby skin, mouth ulcers, dizziness etc and I am hoping that these will begin to improve if I can get things under control.


One of the things I have been told I have to do is to avoid stress!  Easier said than done.  I cannot afford to not work and my job is very stressful, not helped by my current boss, but she ain't the worst out there by any means.  I am going to try and reduce the hours I work over and above what I should be doing so that might help.  The biggest problem is my lack of exercise so I have to deal with that, once I can bend my leg at the knee without crying, that is.  The only good thing is that I have to sort of stay downstairs, where my craft stuff is, or upstairs, where my pc is.  As a result I have actually managed to do some scrapping.



This is my take on a recent UKS cybercrop class which I really enjoyed doing.  I used Bazzil card, DCWV, Imaginesce, Colour My World and KI Memories papers, Heidi Swapp and Autumn Leaves stamps and some rather dodgy stitching, but it was good fun.


This one has been in my head for ages – it's about Logan's fascination with all things orange!  Card – Bazzil, paper – Scenic Route, Title – American Crafts, Paperloft, Heidi Swapp and butons from Rebecca's Srapbooking Stash.


Today has been school work and essay writing 😦 but I did manage to throw a page together using a Kellie Mize template. 

I haven't done any digi pages using a pic as a background before so I will see how I like this one once it's printed before I do any more.  I have signed up for a digi class but haven't had the time to even look at it so far, hopefully after next weekend when the essay is submitted and my school paperwork is up to date.  That's if I haven't developed yet another illness or had a limb drop off for some reason.  I will leave you with the thought that I am now officially unhealthy, unwealthy and probably unwise – or why would I be writing an essay to prove to someone that I didn't fall asleep in their class and I can read a book or two relevant to my job!  Linda wanders off muttering to herself and hoping she doesn't start providing the answers as well!!!!!!  Take care x x x

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One response to “Shoot me now!

  1. SJ says:

    sorry to hear your not well!! its definatley been bad few months for u!!!

    love ur pages especially the digi one head shoulders kness and toes

    take care lots of hugs sara-jane xxxx

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