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Things can only get better!

on November 8, 2007

At least that's how it feels at the moment!  I have managed to hurt my back and have been walking about like I have a board strapped to my back for the past week, on the days I have actually been able to walk that is.  Apparently sitting for too long trying to write an essay is bad for your health – REALLY????!!!!

God, it's a wonder I haven't jumped oot the windae – apart from the fact I would never be able to get my fat ass up that high without a chair, lol.  Just as well I have hurt my back or the poor chair might have had the shock of it's wee life.




The cherry on the cake was to discover that not only am I working on two modules of this course at the same time but – due to the fantastic organisational capapbilities of the council I am employed by – I should be doing another module as well – at the same time!  Now I may be good at what I do but that is taking the mickey just a wee bit, I think.


At the moment the decision is being made as to whether I get 3 days out of school to preserve what little is left of my sanity or whether I have to change what I am doing – which does not fit in with the school development plan at all.  Thank god someone out there gets paid loads of money to make these difficult decisions or I really would be having sleepless nights.  What I really feel like saying to these folk is – get a grip! – but as they are so far removed from reality it really wouldn't be worth it, apaprt from which as they employ me I might live to regret it.  Thank god for free speech on blogs, lol.



As always happens with my life, the minute I need time/space for myself the rest of the clan go nuts and the shit (and almost everything else) hits the fan and I need to sort it out.  I am tempted to ask the question – why me? – but I always come up with the answer – why not me? – so it doesn't help me much.  Anyway, suffice to say they are all still alive and hale and hearty at the moment but the temptation to commit serious injury on some folk – as in knocking some sense into them – is almost overwhelming, but I won't bore you with the details.



I have actually managed to scrap a bit recently, much to my surprise.  I am working on a kind of hit and run style of scrapping – I manage about 10 minutes and then have to change position and/or go do something else.  It's not ideal but it's better than nothing and I have been in badly need of some paper therapy.



To top it all someone has sneaked a few months out of my calendar and Christmas is next month along with Katy's 3rd and Logan's 1st birthday.  There are definite renegade forces working in this area at the moment, I just wish they would go and fight elsewhere for a wee while.  Anyway, on that note I am away to try and find something to make for food as with all the other hoo ha going on the shopping didn't get got, such is life.  Take care x x x

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2 responses to “Things can only get better!

  1. Heather says:

    Sorry you're in pain with your back, and so busy with your modules.Are these all paper as opposed to digi layouts? Great variety of styles.

  2. Angela says:

    Hope you feel better soon and that you can make the crop next weekend, give me a shout

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