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Work in progress

on October 17, 2007

At this moment in time everything in my life seems to be a work in progress.  My craft room is partly sorted and although I am desperate to scrap with paper I won't let myself until it is all sorted so that's a work in progress.  I am also in the process of reorganising my digi files to make them easier to use – another work in progress.  Sadly the essay is a non starter – I almost wish it was a work in progress because then I might just bite the bullet and get it finished!



I have read several books, walked for miles and taken masses of photos – all waiting to be uploaded and sorted.  I have been to Perthshire, North Berwick and Glasgow over the past few days and although I am having fun on my holiday I know I will regret not having started the essay sooner when the deadline looms nearer. 



Tomorrow is a long put off visit to the hairdresser and a visit to my kids and Friday I am going back to the caravan with Sara-Jane for a photo weekend.  We have tickets for Faskally on Friday and then it's whatever we fancy before back to work on Monday. 



I will leave you with a few digi pages I have managed to squeeze in – total work avoidance I know.  The Katy one just captures that moment in every young girl's life when they discover make-up though I would have thought not quite 3 was a bit young still, lol.  The others are of pics taken at the caravan over last weekend – I am hoping to put together an album of my photos that I wouldn't perhaps otherwise scrap and digi is the perfect solution.  Take care x x x

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2 responses to “Work in progress

  1. SJ says:

    all your layouts that are posted are fantastic love the one of gordon!!!

  2. Heather says:

    Love the layouts and glad you have had a good few days holiday. The Essay will come in its on time. Take care xx

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