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on October 13, 2007

Well the good news the expected phone call asking me to teach on Thursday and Friday didn't come.  I am amazed

that the teacher in question managed to get into school and actually teach as she was very ill, then again maybe she didn't and they just didn't want me!



So what did I do instead?  Well, I managed to visit all of my children who are having a period of very mixed fortunes at the moment.  One good thing about all this is my oldest son is finally starting to do the things I have been hoping he wopuld do for such a long time.  For the first time in ages I feel I can simply be proud of him rather than have an awful feeling of dread about what will happen to him next.  I won't go into details here as he wouldn't like that.


I also continued with the tidy/sort of my craft room.  I have way too much of some stuff and I had sorted it so neatly that I forgot half of what I had.  Those who know me as a scrapper will know how obsessive I am about having my stash sorted and organised but I have taken it too far and need to be a bit less strict about this and then maybe I will be able to find things and putting stuff away won't be such a mission!  I haven't finished and it is nowhere near ready to be used but I can see an end to it now.


Then the realisation struck that I haven't scrapped in any form since the start of the month so I did a few quick digi pages yesterday which prompted me to start organising my digi files too, lol.  I use ACDSEE to keep my digi bits in order and make sure I know who created them. 

At the moment they are all in folders according to who made them but that's not easy to use unless you use all the same persons stuff on a page and I am trying to get away from that a bit.  So a rethink is in order which means I cannot buy or download anything until I have it all sorted so I have been gathering a few goodies before I start.


I am now off to the caravan for a few days to try and get the main part of my essay written and hopefully get some fab photos.  I am home on Tuesday and then away again on Friday.  If I didn't have to work I could happily spend all my time scrapping and taking photos – I am sure I have enough stash to keep me going for a year or so, lol.  Take care x x x x


P.S.  I will post credits for the stuff I used as soon as I get a chance.

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One response to “Reprieve

  1. Heather says:

    Love the new blog Linda, sorry its been so long since I visited, my life is upside down. Here is hoping half term lets us all breath a little easier. Take care xx

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